Tax Risk Management

Managing Your Tax Risk

TTC can help to minimise your tax payable, as well as reducing the chances of you being subject to a HMRC investigation; this can become costly and very time consuming.

Accounts and Returns

We can complete accounts and computations for clients and will work with you to minimise the risk of you being selected for a HMRC enquiry. Having an in-depth knowledge of how HMRC identifies risk, we can address any areas of weakness before your accounts and returns are submitted.

We will also ensure that the correct level of disclosure is made on your returns to ensure that, should you be unfortunate to fall foul of HMRC’s rules, any exposure to penalties will be reduced.

Large Business Clients

Our Director, has a wealth of experience working in HMRC’s Large Business unit and can pass the benefits of this to clients in their dealings with their Customer Compliance Manager (CCM) and HMRC tax specialists.  In addition to dispute resolution, we can provide advice regarding the following:

Business Risk Review

Steve has spent years drafting and negotiating Business Risk Reviews (now BRR+) whilst employed as a CCM with HMRC.  He is therefore extremely well placed to advise clients on how best to manage the BRR+ process and lower their risk status.  This can be done by attending annual BRR+ meetings or, if preferred, providing tactical advice on how to approach them.

Senior Accounting Officer

TTC can provide advice on the audit processes that need to be put in place to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) statutory framework.  We can also undertake assurance checks to ensure that the processes in place are robust enough to meet the SAO requirements.  This will ensure the SAO and Board are satisfied that the group has sufficient tax accounting arrangements and they have been rigorously tested.

We are also on hand to provide advice on what steps to take should the SAO or group be charged penalties.

Tax Strategy

We can also help clients with obligations under the Tax Strategy legislation as well as dealing with any queries raised by HMRC.

The above is not an exclusive list of the services we can provide.  If you have any tax issues you would like to discuss, please contact us.